Universal Engine Control System

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A monitoring and control system of a diesel engine is subject to vibrations and high temperatures. This causes the product lifecycle of a diesel engine to differ from the product lifecycle of a monitoring and control system.

Renewing an engine monitoring and safety system will upgrade it to the latest safety standards.

The engineers of MSA-Service Noord gained considerable experience in the development of such systems for large diesel engines at a large engine manufacturer. Using this knowledge they have developed a universal Engine Control System (ECS), suitable for large diesel engines.

The system can easily be adapted to every engine type. The ECS can be used as a pin compatible replacement of an existing engine monitoring and safety system, but can also be an extension to your existing engine monitoring and safety system.

The system is built up modularly, so the systems can vary from a small type approved engine safety system to a complete engine monitoring and control system.

Options like remote monitoring using direct wiring or the cloud can be implemented.

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