FRPD 309 equiped with VisuDredge dredging monitoring system

  • FRDP309 with VisuDredge dredging monitoring system
  • Dredge system VisuDredge on board

Fraser River Pile & Dredge in Vancouver choose MSA-Service for dredge monitoring software for their FRPD 309 Hopper Dredger.  The VisuDredge, dredging monitoring system, includes the following options:

- STPM, Suction Tube Position Monitoring

- DLM , Draught & Load monitoring system

- TDS, Tons Dry Solid measurement

- Automated pumpcontrol

- Indicators for Vacuum/pressure and production

- Logging / Dredging status / Trip data

- Connection with Survey (Qincy)

The VisuDredge, dredging monitor software is visualised on 8 industrial pc's. 

Besides the delivery of the dredging software MSA-Service also installed the PLC (Bachmann) installation, new draught(MSA-S-0005) and suction tube(MSA-S-0002) sensors. We also calibrated all dredge related sensors on site  for accurate measurement.

"VisuDredge is a modular dredging visualisation and control package. The system can be used from a small inland (Cutter) dredger with only depth indication tot a big Hopper dredger up to 15 screens and office connections."

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