MSA Service specializes in the design, manufacture and calibration of instrumentation for high-quality land, marine and off-shore installations. 

In automation, collecting data is an important part of the process. Therefore, the precision and reliability of these measurements are very important when it comes to optimizing the process. One of MSA-Services' specialties is the creation of modular housings.

In this way, housings can be used for different types of sensors. In order to make our instrumentation suitable for outboard and underwater applications, the housings can be made submersible. MSA-Service also has a standard range of submersible sensors consisting of pressure sensors, angle transducers, taut wire, speed sensors, junction boxes and cabling.

Our approach has the following advantages: There is no need to keep many spare parts. And the order lead times are shorter. Furthermore, we arrange the delivery of the requested application including attachments as technical drawings, assembly instructions, calibration reports and a helium leak test certificate.

Maintenance and calibrations can be executed at our workshop or on-site. For example onboard during a ship repair. In consultation with our customer, we can also design a maintenance or calibration schedule so the instrumentation will be maintained and calibrated on time.


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